Hey, this is Gourav, a 24-year-old serial entrepreneur and startup all-rounder. Startups can be someone’s worst trance but for me it’s the sweetest melody. My squad usually addresses me with the name “Startup Wizard.” My dreams and visions are quite ardent, and here I am sharing my magic spells and understanding of the flummoxed startup ecosystem with you all. The intention is to create a platform from where you can bag the knowledge and ideas about how to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a practical reality. Everything begins with an Idea, and words and ideas combined go a long way. Good Ideas are common- what’s uncommon are people who will work hard to bring them about. I have an efficient experience in sectors like Hospitality, Pet care, Clothing and Fashion, Agritech, Automobile, startups events, Corporate Cafeteria. Managed many projects for application and website development and provided end-to-end services to startups, and there are many more which I have observed and followed in a keen manner. Being an enthusiastic soul, I have a huge interest in startup events and have attended as well as organized some in numbers. Interaction with different minds and investors from numerous industries has always been the key motive..


No journey is easy, and neither is mine. There had been several rough patches here and there all the way, but all I knew was that quitting will wrinkle my soul and hence I kept going. As an entrepreneur there is nothing like an overnight success, every morning is a new hustle. Every other moment in my life has been a pitch and toss situation, but as we know there are barely any business without risks.


This platform is specially created to provide efficient execution strategies for one’s ideas. Turn your Idea into a dream, one of a kind that does not let you sleep. StartupsHive is a one-stop destination, here we provide you with a well-analyzed and detailed business plan for your dream idea. You keep rolling with your plans and we will be your helping hand. Startupshive was launched with one mission, “Dream, Hustle, and Succeed”. Here we have a place for everyone, from geeks frustrated with their 9-6 to the ones whose idea is stuck in a puddle. Here at StartupsHive you can discuss your ideas, listen to other’s ideas, you can seek help from an expert, and what not! We match you with an ideal Investor, and there is always a way out of bootstrapping. There is no journey without hiccups, hence we provide you the perfect team, an enthusiastic audience, and some brilliant mentors.


The whole plethora of my offerings gives a great addition to your vision. As the collaborative efforts, which we put always, turn out with amazing results. My Team and I Focus on providing more to you because we at Startupshive believe that “if you can dream it, you can achieve it.” So, let the camera rolling play because it is time to direct your success story!

Mr. Gourav Choudhury

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